Ballin and shit

Hey. 17 year old lad from West Yorkshire. I like my music. Beatdown, Hardcore, Powerviolence, Pop Punk, Metal, Black Metal, Punk Ect. Just a all round blog. Make my own band edits and stuff.


Hey I need you my new charmer,
I’ve been thinking don’t you wanna,
Be my perfect babe instead

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Creative Waste- “Kingdom of Fear”

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This is Suburban Scums first EP entitled INTERNAL WAR. On cassette for the first time exclusively through Bad Rep Records. All new art by Alexander Heir. This tape will only be pressed once as a novelty. It will also feature an extra live bonus version of the “Time 2 Shine” intro and “Self Loathing” from THIS IS HARDCORE 2013. Pre Orders will ship the week after this years THIS IS HARDCORE festival which would start JULY 28th. Respect!
1 Count My Blessings 2 Dead End Path 3 Self Loathing 4 Internal War 5 Blind To Life 6 Hollow Bones 7 Suburban Discipline
 BONUS TRACKS “Time 2 Shine” intro and “Self Loathing” live from This Hardcore 2013.